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Problems with Shared Office Solutions

In our blog, we have discussed the various positive things about using a shared office solution, but there can be downsides depending on your needs and personality. Finding the right one for your business takes time and research. Whether you use a shared office solution only when you travel or if you are looking for a daily office, staying productive is essential. Keep in mind these potential shared office solution problems when choosing a space.


It is entirely reasonable to get distracted from your work when you are not alone, and everyone has their agenda. People work in different ways, and if the office environment is full of load talkers that will disrupt your work-flow, this space is not for you. Asking for a trial run of using the area before your commit is a fantastic way to get a feel for the other tenants and make sure the distractions are few. A great way to get a feel for an office is to show up unannounced to make an appointment for a tour. This way you can see how the office run when a visit is not scheduled, and everyone is on their best behavior.

Room to Grow

As your business grows, so will your office needs. A lone desk in an open concept environment may work for the first few months, but in time you may want a private office. Even if you travel a private office may be what you need to be productive on the road. In your research, make sure you have an option to upgrade your rental plan if a private office is something you may want as an option in the future. Private offices are not available in every shared office solution so never assume.


If you are a company dealing with sensitive customer details, you need a fully secured office set up. A shared office might not necessarily give you the liberty to customize the security to the level you need. Before you sign the dotted line on an agreement, make sure you can remotely secure your system to fit your requirements.

If you live in the Daytona Beach, Florida area, or travel here for business and need a shared office solution. Feel free to drop by and see what we have to offer or call to make an appointment.

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