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Is Work Webb Handicap Accessible?

Yes.  The main common area as well as the large conference room in Work Webb are wheelchair accessible.

Is there an Elevator?

Yes, it’s located in the rear of the building.

I prefer the Stairs is that an option?

Yes, but be sure and call ahead as the stairs are secure on our floor.

Where Do I Park?

There is plenty of free parking both in front of the Kress Building and behind it.  The parking out front is enforced limited to 2 hours.  However, there is a huge lot out back with 3 hour and unlimited parking as well.   To reach the back lot either turn immediately before the Kress building onto the passthru [just after the Magic shop] or go past the Kress and make your first right onto Magnolia and then your first right onto Wall Street which will take you behind the buildings. The Kress  Building has a side entrance on it’s north west corner near back lot.  Handicap parking is located out front and out back as well.

Where is there to Eat Nearby?

I’m so glad you asked…. the Beach Street area has some of the best restaurants in Daytona.

The Dancing Avocado Kitchen: Casual Breakfast & Luncheon menu featuring both Omnivore and Vegan specialties

Zen Bistro: The best Thai downtown!

Tia Coris Tacos: Authentic and fabulous…. have a Cerveza for me!

Chef Papas: Can’t beat that homemade soup!

Zappi’s Italian Garden: Great atmosphere, enjoy that Florida weather!

Need a Latte and pastry? Try Sweet Marlays

and if you want something delivered to Work Webb while you work…. my old stand by, Jimmy Johns, is at the ready. You can even order online.



What Our Clients Say

David G.

I’ve been renting a desk here at Work Webb and absolutely love it. The atmosphere is great, every office amenity you could need is readily available, it’s comfortable, and the owner is always going above and beyond to improve things. If you need a quiet place to work with all the benefits of a professional office, Work Webb is for you.

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