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12 Holiday Facts about Heidi Webb

12 things about heidi and christmas

Christmas traditions are a fun part of family gatherings. It’s a time for celebration in one form or another. Some people celebrate low key, with small gatherings and some go all out with tons of decorations. If you know Heidi Webb, co-founder of Work Webb, you know she loves, loves, LOVES Christmas, has many traditions for this season and they are all close to her heart. In the spirit of Christmas and to poke fun of Heidi, here is a list of 12 things you may not know about Heidi and Christmas. Enjoy!

  1.  In 2014 Heidi left her Christmas tree up until September.
  2. Her fondest childhood memory is when she got the Crayola box with 400 colors.
  3. Her brother and her would find the presents, unwrap them, then wrap them back up as teenagers. Rule Breaker!!!
  4. She has a permanent anchor system on her wall to hold her Christmas tree.
  5. She has to have the biggest Christmas tree she can find for your home – hence the need for #4.
  6. Her best friends have given her ornaments every year as long as she can remember and it’s one of her favorite gifts to get.
  7. Her Christmas tree has no theme, but each ornament has sentimental value.
  8. For several years before the harness system, her big ass tree fell every year. Every. @#$%. Year.
  9. Heidi holds an annual soup kitchen competition at her home on or near Christmas Eve. It’s in its thirteenth year, and a golden ladle is awarded to the cook of the winning soup. There is a plaque and everything – it’s a big deal in her group.
  10. She is obsessed with blow up Christmas yard decorations, and it’s a struggle to keep her from only purchasing one new blow up a year. She loves Christmas penguins in her yard.
  11. She collects snowman, reindeer, and penguin Christmas decorations. Her Santa collection was started by her childhood best friend back in 1993, and the collection is up to over 200 but who is counting.
  12. Heidi’s middle daughter asked for a Santa car one year for Christmas. Since Heidi couldn’t find one – she made one and still gives her daughter a Santa car each Christmas. Her collection is up to 17.

What about Christmas do you enjoy? Do you have any traditions?  Leave us a comment and share your traditions or memories you cherish.

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