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4 Simple Things That Have a Serious Impact on Your Work Productivity at the Office

Believe it or Not, These 4 Simple Things Actually Have an Impact on How Much You Get Done at the Office.

In today’s busy workplace, it’s easy to forget a very simple, very important truth: That your brain, like the other organs in your body, is a muscle.While it may not do the physical pushing and pulling of your arms or legs, it’s just as important to respect your brain for what it is, and give it a rest when necessary.

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Finding the perfect balance of work and play for your brain is dependent on the individual—everyone learns and works differently depending on their mental make-up; however, one constant that anyone can tweak in order to get the most out of their workday is right in front of us: our workspace.

Creating an Environment for Success at the Office: Where Do I Start?

Let’s get going with the basics. These four factors are so commonplace, you may take them for granted:


1. Sound: How noisy is your office? Do you work in close proximity to a loudmouth sales rep who can’t seem to keep down his volume? It may be affecting your work in more ways than you think.

Studies have shown that a moderate amount of noise is the perfect amount for unlocking your brain’s creativity, an essential ingredient in today’s knowledge-based economy. So turn the music down (at least a little), mute your computer and cell phone notifications and tell that sales rep to zip it if you want to get the highest quality work done that you can. Try headphones if you have to, just avoid distracting music and songs with lyrics.


2. Temperature:  Did you know that the optimum working temperature for productivity is 70-73 degrees? Cold climates do not necessarily inhibit productivity themselves, but we are more easily distracted when it’s a little chilly.

Keeping the thermostat on the warmer side keeps blood flowing to the brain and keeps the people around you engaged in the task at hand. Studies have found the employees in a cold office can make as many as 44% more mistakes than those who are treated to warmer temperatures.


3. Time of Day: According to the Wall Street Journal, late morning is the most productive time for adults, while the afternoon hours are best left to creative problem solving. Fine-tuning your circadian rhythm to your workplace is an easy way to gain an edge in productivity.

For the night owls out there, try taking a warm shower in the morning to jump-start your brains cognitive functions, and try to leave your work off the dinner table or nightstand so your mind can truly rest when you do decide to go to sleep.

Although everyone works best at different times of day, most will agree that right after lunch might not be the best time to try and conquer the huge proposal you’ve been working on.


4. Diet: Light snacking throughout the day is guaranteed to yield better results than one big, heavy meal and few too many cups of coffee.

That said, becoming hyper-caffeinated can lead to over-responsive short term focus, which means you end up obsessing over your inbox or a simple email reply instead of finishing your to-do list. Different types of nuts and seeds make a great snack, since they’re packed with good protein and easily digestible sugars that give you even, sustained energy. Check out these top 10 office snack ideas for more tips.


A Winning Combination for Office Productivity: Small Things Add Up to Big Gains

Using the factors above to get the most out of your time at work can lead to large jumps in your productivity. While these findings are backed up by scientific research, it’s important to experiment and find just the right mix for you and your coworkers—once you do find it, you’ll be sure to notice the difference!

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