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When Should a Business Use a Shared Office Solution?

Any type and size of business can use a shared office solution like Work Webb.  Our services are not just to lower overhead.  Events happen while conducting business where having a local shared office solution can come in handy. Here are some examples of when a temporary office space is a benefit.



Need a Central Meeting Place  

If your traditional office is not convenient for clients, a shared office solution with a conference room is the answer.  Attorneys, for example, hold depositions and meditations that are comprised of people from several locations.  A temporary conference room centrally located may be more convenient for all parties.



Need an Extra Conference room 

shared office solution

One of the conference rooms available at Work Webb.

Rescheduling the closing on your new home because of a conference room not being available at the broker’s office makes for unhappy clients.  No need to reschedule if the broker’s office is booked for several days when you use a shared office with a conference room.






Training Events

 Need to train your staff on the latest computer upgrade without disrupting business?  A temporary office and/or conference room can provide the space needed.  Training away from the business will also allow for employees to focus on the training.




Holding interviews can sometimes be tricky and if conducted in your office can cause unnecessary issues.  Hold your interview off business grounds at a shared office and interview candidates with less stress and more confidentiality.




Work While on Vacation

 In the Daytona Beach area on Spring Break and the boss says you need to take a conference call with your most important client.  Lease a temporary office and have access to a reliable phone and quiet space to hold this important call.








 Your office may be out of commission due to water damage, remodeling or various other building issues. Use a shared office solution to keep your business open while the repairs are completed in your regular office location.




These are just a few examples of when a shared office solution like Work Webb is a benefit.  Call us today to schedule a tour and see what we offer in Downtown Daytona Beach. Our rates and packages can be located here

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What Our Clients Say

Michael George

I have been going to Work Webb for a few years now when on vacation and need to get some work done. The place is awesome. Great location, affordable, clean, quiet, nice people and very accommodating. Fast internet, free close parking. You can bring your lunch and put it in the fridge, or you can get a quick tasty lunch at numerous places in a 2 minute walk. I’ve visited other shared work spaces and this by far the best.

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