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Rent a Conference or Meeting Room and Grow Your Business

“Meeting” a Certain Standard: 3 Ways a Conference or Meeting Room Rental Can Grow Your Business

Most start-ups, independent entrepreneurs, and budding small business owners can’t afford a private office just yet; and for many industries and professionals, sometimes a full time (even a part-time) office isn’t really needed. This poses a problem when the need for a conference or meeting room arises, and your kitchen table won’t cut it.

Renting a conference room for your next meeting has some benefits you may not have considered before.

Renting a conference room for your next meeting has some benefits you may not have considered before. In this case, a fancy coffee machine and adjoining parlor!

Working for yourself is great. The problem with this scenario is, your professional image can become stunted when opportunities arrive to meet or communicate with other business owners and potential clients. When you own your own business, especially if you work from home or on the road, it’s crucial that you uphold a professional image and workspace (both for your clients’ sake and your own)­. Unfortunately, this is hard to do when you’re doing most of your work at your kitchen table, cramped in your home office or hotel room–even at your favorite coffee shop or Wi-Fi hotspot.

Even if the approach above is working for you, you should consider how it could be secretly hurting your potential.  A more professional meeting space can grow your business, your confidence, and your company’s bottom line. When it comes to meeting existing and potential clients and business partners, it’s important that you don’t go the way of the little guy and meet just anywhere.

Here are 3 ways seeking out a conference or meeting room for rent in your town will benefit you:

1. You’ll have tools that you or your business may not otherwise be able to house or afford.


conference room with whiteboard

Professional meeting rooms have the latest and greatest professional tools, like presentation screens, white boards, fancy coffee machines, and other perks. These make a conference room or meeting room rental at a professional office space well worth your time and money. Kudos to you if you have those tools at home, and good luck getting them all in working order at a hotel “conference room.”


2. You will come off more prepared and professional, and you’ll waste less time.


meeting room lounge area


Time is money, and meeting in a restaurant or coffee shop can get time-consuming awkward and frustrating. So often there’s an issue with finding a fast, reliable, constant, or secure Wi-Fi connection; and seeking out a quiet space with enough room, or an area near a power outlet can be an issue as well. Don’t be fumbling around a Starbucks in your next important meeting, you’re better than that!


3. Your clients and business partners will be impressed and more likely to hire you if you use conference and meeting rooms.


Exposed brick conference room with gourmet coffee AND no interruptions!

Classy exposed brick conference room with gourmet coffee AND no interruptions!


For a small fee, renting an office, meeting or conference room the next time you meet with a client or potential customer will actually serve to grow your business. You’ve got to appear uber-professional to charge the big bucks, and a high class, high tech meeting space or conference room will serve to impress. Think of it this way, when you rent a conference or meeting room for your appointments, client meetings or project proposals, you’re actually investing in your success.


When You’re Concerned with “Meeting” Standards: Your Business Growth and Client Base Will Follow

We’re here to tell you that the benefits of acquiring a professional, convenient conference or meeting room for rent for your next client meeting will go way beyond just getting away from the noise, bustle and touchy Wi-Fi of your local coffee shop. Invest in your success today and take your professional image to the next level with a meeting or conference room rental for your next important business engagement.


At Work Webb in Daytona Beach and Melbourne, we have a variety of conference and meeting room options, and we serve a number of businesses, industries and individuals throughout Volusia, Flagler, and Brevard Counties. Our tenants and meeting room occupants enjoy the perks of our professional on-demand spaces, traveling from Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, Port Orange, DeLand, and even Jacksonville to make use of our beautiful facilities. We’re located in the historic Kress Building on Beach Street in downtown Daytona Beach and in Historic Downtown Melbourne above Hell ‘n Blazes Brewery. Give us a call at 386.843.3623 (Daytona) or 321.405.1083 (Melbourne) to reserve a conference room for your next meeting today!

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