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Daytona Beach Office Solutions: Work Webb at the Historic Kress Daytona

An Office and Workspace Solution That Suits Your Unique Professional Needs

Many small businesses find that a permanent office space may not be right for them, citing high overhead and other unseen operating costs down the road. Work Webb in Daytona Beach offers all the amenities you need at a professional office and the resources to make your next meeting or conference work. Skip the packed coffee shops and noisy restaurant environments that can get in the way of meaningfully connecting with your clients.

Opt for a more professional office space, conference or meeting room for rent at Work Webb:


Private, semi-private, and shared offices at Work Webb in Daytona are available part-time, full-time by day, week or monthly rental packages. Finally an affordable, convenient, and impressive office and workspace environment that has everything you need for your business and nothing you don’t. 

Finding a Workable Office Solution: The Perks and Freedoms of the Offices at Work Webb Daytona

In-person meetings between businesses and coworkers or clients are more rare than ever these days now that technology connects us at the touch of a button. Still, many serious business functions are still conducted face-to-face, in meetings or conferences. And when there’s an important decision to be made regarding your business–or moreover an important client to impress–it pays to have all hands on deck. It also pays to work in a productive, clean, serene space (of your choice!) that promotes a happy, healthy office atmosphere so you can make the most of your work hours. Don’t forget that All Access members get 24/7 office access and can work nights and weekends if they so choose. Review our office and workspace packages here.

Meeting and Conference Rooms at Work Webb Daytona Beach Provide a Perfect Fit for Any Professional

New Conference Room and Meeting Area in Double Office Work Webb

At Work Webb we offer a full range of professional amenities, including private, semi-private, virtual, and shared offices, full-size professional conference or meeting rooms for rent, and copy, fax, and mail services. Of course we can’t forget the filtered water and gourmet coffee stations! Our beautiful and stately location on the 3rd floor of the historic Kress building on Beach Street in Daytona Beach can also act as your corporate address – even if you don’t need an office full or part time.

An Affordable and Flexible Office Space Solution in Daytona

Renting a permanent office space is often out of the question for small businesspeople, as the cost is simply too high. Another rent payment every month, in addition to utility costs and the necessary staff, can be a backbreaking expense for a business that may just be getting off the ground. With the Florida heat, the air conditioning of your office alone may be too much to handle. At Work Webb, we provide everything you need to run an effective, productive office, coworking, meeting or conference environment at an affordable and flexible rate that suits your specific needs or the needs of your company.


Meeting in the Middle: What Good is a Permanent Location When You’re Always on the Move?

People who are self-employed or run virtual businesses have many of the same needs as large corporations, but are often required to travel much more, whether it’s to broaden their client base or reaffirm existing business relationships. All that travel means very little time spent in an expensive permanent office, with a binding lease no less, further reducing the business owner’s return on their investment.

Work Webb’s conference/meeting room rentals and virtual/shared offices perform all the functions of a permanent office at a fraction of the cost. Our services are designed to be flexible according to your schedule, so that you can stay responsive to the needs of both current and prospective clients.

We offer daily, weekly and monthly office rental plans at Work Webb. Whether you’re a Real Estate agent, self-employed, freelance web designer, small business professional, or looking for a meeting location for a mediation, deposition, or even an outpost for a political campaign – our facilities have everything you need to get your next project up and running in an elegant, peaceful, productive atmosphere.

Contact us today to schedule a tour or inquire about office space for rent at Work Webb at the historic Kress building in Daytona Beach: (386) 506-8022


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What Our Clients Say

Jane Sciortino

Work Webb is a fantastic idea- workspace when you need it with all of the tools you need in one place (fax, computer, phone,meeting room etc). Having a central office location is needed in my business and being able to stop in and use what I need when I need it is imperative to my success! Thank you Work Webb for helping me to be successful in business! 

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