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Get to the Office on Time: 11 “Getting Ready” Hacks That Will Change Your Life

These Genius “Getting Ready For Work” Hacks Will Help You Make it to the Office (or Anywhere) On Time

Having trouble getting to the office – or anywhere – on time? These “getting ready” hacks will help simplify your morning routine so that you can make it to the office on time, looking and feeling your best:

This one goes out to the ladies: DON’T dry your hair in the bathroom.

Getting out of the shower and drying your hair in the bathroom seems only natural right? Actually, this behavior is adding to your prep time in the morning. When your out of the shower and your hair’s wet, it takes a lot longer to dry and style it in a humid, condensation-laden bathroom than it does in good old-fashioned dry air. Every minute counts in the morning, so remember: dry your hair in dry air!


Decide on your outfit the day before.

Better yet, try pre-planning outfits for your whole workweek. Take the guesswork out of the morning with some prep as you settle in and plan your day or week ahead. Get your office outfits and shoes for the week lined up in your closet and you’ll save tons of time on picking out what to wear – you’ll also appear more stylish and put-together because you’ll have more time to prepare something that looks halfway decent and not just thrown together at the last minute.



There’s nothing wrong with brushing your teeth in the shower, people. I do it all the time. Save on some water and while that conditioner soaks in for a minute, run some bristles on those pearly whites. Try keeping a “shower toothbrush” and toothpaste set – and if you’re super hygienic, throw some shower floss in there, too. Come on, we all floss at least once a day, right? Right…cough cough. 


Set the coffee up before bed.

For many of us, we aren’t actually awake if we’re not on our second cup of coffee. Invest in the well-being of yourself and others, and save some joe prepping time by setting your coffee up the night before. If you have a timer, that’s even better because the smell of freshly brewed coffee will make it much easier to get up when that alarm goes off. Quit snoozing!


Pump up the jams.

Put on some up-beat, positive, fast-paced music while you get ready in the morning. It will wake you up, start your day off in a good mood, getting your mind focused and your feet moving.


Steam your clothes in the shower.

workwebb photo office hacks for getting ready

If you missed the boat on pre-planning your outfits and you’ve got an eye-full of wrinkles on your only “clean” work shirt – set your shower on high heat for a second, get some steam going and hang your shameful mess up in there to loosen up and smooth out for a little while.


Simplify your grooming routine. 

Don’t throw in a new product, hairstyle or make-up routine into your morning mix without doing some test-runs over the weekend first. Keep a simple beauty/grooming regimen and do the same thing each day to keep the schedule on track to get to work on time.


Plan quick and easy (portable) snacks for breakfast.

You’ll have to wait until the weekend to make that mushroom swiss omlet, okay? And don’t assume the line at Dunkin Donuts will be in your favor either. Plan your morning meals and make them easy. Package them so that you can bring them with you so you can munch on them as you get ready or as you’re on your way to the office. If you needs snack ideas, we’ve got you covered.


Have an exit strategy.

When you’re looking and smelling good and dressed up all office-like, you’ll be ready to head out the door. But wait: where are your keys? And where’s your purse/wallet? Cell phone? Crap. You’re going to need a charger. Where’d you leave that thing last? Before you know it, you’re 15 minutes past schedule, your hearts beating with worry, and that shirt you ingeniously steamed in the shower? It’s got sweat stains and a few fresh “mining for my keys” wrinkles on it. This is why you need an exit strategy. Put your keys, phone, brief case, and purse/wallet BY THE DOOR so that when you’re good to go you can go ahead and do exactly that. Oh yea, make sure there’s gas in your car on Sunday night while you’re at it.


getting ready for office hacks work webb daytona


Calm yo’self.

If you are running a little late, take a deep breath and chill. It’s not the end of the world. Panicking will only make things worse and you’ll start to create even more problems for yourself. As your searching through your purse or briefcase looking for your keys/phone – you’re going to be all nervous, and your coffee’s going to spill. Or you’ll panic and forget something. Just keep calm and carry on as best you can if you’re losing against the clock. You’ll live.

Stick to a routine.

Once you’ve mastered your morning routine, stick to it. Coasting through your mornings will give you a sense of peace of mind, and you’ll get to the office on time – who knows, maybe you’ll even get to the office early! Maybe…

Integrate the “getting ready” hacks above into your mornings, and if you have any tips of your own share them on the Work Webb Facebook page. Good luck out there! #workhappy



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