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The Many Ways Having a P.O. Box or No Address at All Can Hurt Your Business

The Importance of Having a REAL Physical Address on Your Business Website–Rather Than a P.O. Box or Nothing at All–Cannot Be Overstated

If you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner or someone that works out of a home office (or  remotely) – listen up!

Not having a physical address on your website could really be hurting your business; and no, a post office box won’t do you any good either.

When your website is void of a physical address, you don’t have much chance of being found online for your services. Basically it’s a big SEO no-no. (If you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 years, then you should know that SEO [Search Engine Optimization] is really important for small businesses––for all businesses, really.)

Here’s why an address is one of your best marketing tools: If a potential client were to search for “marketing firm daytona” on Google or “web design (insert your target city here)” and your company has no office address on the website or contact page, a link to your site has no chance of popping up in their search results and no way of leading them to your wonderful services––which means no “cha-ching-ing” for you. Don’t risk missing out on clients or money just because you work from home or your work doesn’t require the need for renting office space.

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo actually use the address on your website to provide their results to people that type in search queries to find a product or service they need.

If you do most of your work remotely or from a home office, and you choose not to post your home address on your site (probably a smart idea), you are either opting to list no location at all, or maybe you’ve decided to go with the old P.O. Box strategy. Watch out. That’s a bad business move, too.

 Why Having a P.O. Box for Your Company Address Isn’t the Smartest Option Either

You want to look like a real, legitimate, reliable business to both online search engines and real, live people. A P.O. Box suggests that your company may be a fly-by-night operation or a rinky-dink business. Having a virtual address and a mailbox at a real office building (whether you need or use the office space it’s renting out or not) can be of great advantage to your online and offline reputation.

po box rent bad for business

Don’t “Rent a Box” if you want to look like a legit business.

Other Options for Those That Don’t Need to Rent an Office

Office buildings and shared office centers throughout Florida and most other states enable companies to hold a physical address (mailbox) at an office or building they don’t occupy (or even visit) for just a minimal fee. You can set it up so that any mail sent to the remote office location goes to your home or the address of your choice.

Even if You Do Already Have an Office or Physical Address, You Can Reach More Clients By Way of a Virtual Office or Remote Mailbox in a Nearby Target City 

If you’re a professional or a service oriented business in Ormond Beach, but you want to compete with other lawyers in the surrounding areas, reaching out into other counties like Volusia and Flagler with a virtual address in Daytona, Port Orange or Palm Coast will get you more reach and a better chance of snagging clients in those areas. You can easily acquire a physical address a target city of your choice for a small fee just by renting a mailbox at a virtual office in that area.

Work Webb provides office solutions to professionals both online (through advice and tips on The Water Cooler Blog) and off.

Businesses and professionals in need of part-time, full time, private, semi-private, or shared office space can find solutions at Work Webb, located in the historic Kress building on Beach Street in Daytona, just a short drive away from the surrounding areas of DeLand, Ormond Beach and Port Orange. All Work Webb office renters receive a company address at our offices located on Beach Street in Daytona, and basic plans for virtual office space and off-site mailbox addresses are also available. Contact us to inquire about a plan or schedule a tour – and keep up with Work Webb on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ for more valuable office tips and business advice. 



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