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Top 10 Office Snack Ideas for Your Workday (No Fridge or Microwave Needed!)

Count on These 10 Office Snack Ideas and Beat Your Workday Hunger Without Getting Slowed Down

Getting full slows you down and makes you sleepy, but hunger corrupts your thought process and your attitude (we’ve all been ‘hangry’ before, right?). So how can you create middle ground here? The answer: Snacking!

Snacks are exciting. Remember the anticipation in grade school leading up to snack time? Now you can bring that feeling back by planning smart snacks for the office. Here are 10 smart office snack ideas that will work to stave off hunger pains and prevent you from wanting to take a siesta all at once:

Work Webb Daytona Beach | Office Snacks1. Avocado 3 Ways:  Try a perfectly ripe avocado with salt and pepper, a drizzle of your favorite salad dressing, or a douse of your favorite hot sauce!

2. Popcorn: Try bringing along already-made popcorn tossed with grated Parmesan or Cajun seasoning, yum!

3. Granola: This list wouldn’t be complete without it. Make your own blend or bring along a stash of your favorite store-bought. Bring fresh fruit too in order to really energize your body and mind.

4. Pretzel Sticks and Peanut Butter: Skip the horrors of the vending machine and indulge in a healthier salty-sweet snack instead. If you’re feeling naughty, bring some dark chocolate chips to roll your buttered-up pretzels in.

5. Spiced or Candied Walnuts: Brain food dressed up with the flavors of your choice.

6. Hard-Boiled Egg with Sriracha: At first crack, the stench of your egg isn’t going to thrill your co-workers, but who cares! This snack will keep you fueled with protein and brainpower throughout the morning or afternoon. If you’re not a hot sauce fan, try bringing along your favorite seasoning.

7. Beef Jerky: You can find it at a gas station on the way to work–or maybe you get it from that odd friend that makes their own–either way, jerky can sit in your desk for months on end and still taste great and kill hunger on the spot. Just drink lots of water to combat the dehydrating sodium.

8. Apple with Cinnamon Sugar: Dice up an apple, squeeze a little lemon on it to keep it fresh, and sprinkle a mix of cinnamon sugar on top. This snack lets you be good and bad at the same time, and it gives you a little burst of energy to get you through the day.

9. Banana and Nuts: Keep a bundle of bananas and some dry-roasted almonds at your place of work, and you’ll never need to waste time running out to the corner store. This classic snack is a go-to for all office-folk. Just don’t make the carnal mistake and leave a banana in your briefcase, purse or desk drawer to get squishy and stinky.

10. Salsa and Chips: A classic snack that can be easily stored at the office. Skipping the nacho-like toppings will ensure you won’t get slowed down–just don’t go spilling salsa on your documents!


Work Webb is a shared office solution with both private and semi-private spaces for members. Enjoy Wi-Fi, use off all office amenities (printer, etc.), along with the use of our conference and meeting rooms. Located in Daytona Beach, FL on Beach Street in the beautiful and historic Kress building – Work Webb offers remote/virtual office space by the day, week, or month to professionals from Daytona and out of town: with occupants from DeLand, Ormond Beach, Port Orange, Palm Coast, Orlando, Jacksonville, and beyond. Clients may make use of Daytona Beach mailing address and much more! View our office rental options here


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Derek Gallo

I couldn’t speak more highly of Work Webb. I work remotely as a software engineer and I needed a place to use as an office. Rather than paying more for a private single suite somewhere I can come here and actually interact with others. Internet, conference rooms, desk space, security are all included. Heidi goes out of her way to make the place feel like its yours too.  

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