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3 Reasons You Need a Live Plant in Your Office

How Office Plants Can Keep You From Getting Sick and Lagged Down at the Workplace – Really!

Anyone that’s passed 5th grade science knows that plants absorb carbon dioxide and expel oxygen, but do you know what other powerful properties plants have – and how they can actually significantly improve your office environment?

Having an office plant or desk plant at your place of work cleans the air and keeps you from getting sick, read on to learn how!

Having an office plant or desk plant at your place of work cleans the air and keeps you from getting sick, read on to learn how!


Indoor plants have an incredible list of benefits for those that surround their homes and offices with these stress and germ-busting beauties. Don’t have a green thumb? No problem! See below for a list of plants that aren’t easily killed!

In the meantime, here are 3 reasons you NEED a live plant at your office: 

1. Better Air Quality & Greater Productivity (Less Chemicals and More Oxygen to Your Brain!)

In addition to turning carbon dioxide into oxygen, some “air-filtering” indoor plants have been reported – by NASA, no less – to help in cleaning toxic substances from the air that can infringe on your health and productivity in the office. Such substances found commonly in walls, air, and carpets of office buildings include formaldehyde and deleterious industrial solvents like trichloroethylene, a chemical compound found in buildings that has been shown to cause psychological effects like depression and general anesthesia when inhaled for prolonged periods of time. For a chart of air-filtering plants straight from the experts at NASA, see here.

2. Keep From Getting Sick

The NASA Clean Air Study reports that certain indoor plants have the ability to remove toxic agents from the air, helping greatly to dispel and neutralize the effects of what’s called “Sick Building Syndrome” or SBS. SBS is a term related to the acute health and comfort effects of spending a prolonged amount of time in a building (yes, your office is making you sick – but plants can help!).

3. Promote Comfort and Stress Relief

The stress-reducing effects of indoor plants have been proven time and time again. A 2008 study based in the medical field shows that patients with live plants in their hospital rooms benefitted from reduced stress and anxiety. The US National Library of Medicine and the National Center for Biotechnology Information report: “Participants exposed to the hospital room with indoor plants reported less stress than those in the control condition. Mediation analysis confirmed that indoor plants in a hospital room reduce feelings of stress through the perceived attractiveness of the room.” Place a plant or two on your office desk and you’re guaranteed to feel more at ease almost immediately. 


Keepin' the air flow healthy with some indoor plants at the Work Webb offices in Daytona Beach

Keepin’ the air flow healthy with some indoor plants at the Work Webb offices in Daytona Beach


Indoor plants at the office just make you feel better and work better, there’s no question about it. Don’t worry, though, you don’t have to anticipate getting a plant just to watch it slowly die in the corner of your desk. We found a list of the 15 easiest indoor plants that won’t die on you, courtesy of Today. Now go out and treat yourself to an office plant or two!


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