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Will Shared Office Solutions Work for your Business?

Running a business can be a scary endeavor. There are so many things that go into making sure your business is a profitable one. Renting office space is one of the most expensive overhead costs in any business. Before you rush off to sign a lease, consider a shared office option with Work Webb. The shared office concept is not only for large companies, remote employees or small startups. Almost anyone can benefit from the shared office services provided by Work Webb.

  • Work out of your home but need a professional conference room to meet with potential customers to build your business? Shared office is the answer.
  • Need an office to go to because your home does not have a workable space? A shared office is the affordable option you can utilize to get your work done and be professional.

What is a shared office you may ask? Shared office spaces are office spaces shared by other companies or professionals. These offices often come fully equipped and furnished, a ready-made solution for establishing a branch office or saving limited time and money for start-ups. Locally, Work Webb is the premier shared office provider —and it might just work for your business. Work Webb provides the desk, the supplies, the Wi-Fi, the plants, the view, etc. – you just bring your clients and/or work. It is that simple. A shared office package from Work Webb might just be the solution you need to reduce your stress and overhead to support your business.

How to determine if this option is for you:

Do you need an office to go to every day but can’t afford a traditional office lease? Work Webb has an option to fit this need. Rent a desk as needed or pay a little more for a desk that waits for you. Need a private office? We have those options as well. Bottom line, there is a package to fit your need.

For pricing and plan details: Melbourne  Daytona Beach

Do you want to lower your business expenses without compromising the professionalism of your business? A shared office like Work Webb provides the professional environment when you need it. Bring your clients and pay for the time you need to use the space. It is that easy.  Here is an example of the professional work spaces provided by Work Webb.


Do you need a desirable location but can’t afford to have a traditional lease in this location? Work Webb has the location you need in both Melbourne and Daytona Beach – right downtown, next to the Fifth District Court of Appeals, the library, and many fabulous restaurants. Our location will make a great impression on clients as they arrive at our offices to meet for business. Kress Building Directionsview from kress

Our second location, in Historic Downtown Melbourne, is located above Hell ‘n Blazes Brewery. The area has numerous restaurants and shops within walking distance of our offices. Work Webb Melbourne Directions

Do you like to support local businesses and the sense of community that comes with this support?  Work Webb is the right place for your business. We believe in supporting local businesses and have office solutions to fit every need without cutting corners on the level of professional atmosphere provided.

If you are starting a business or considering not renewing your lease on your traditional office space, contact us today at (386) 506-8022 (Daytona) or (321) 405-1083 (Melbourne) to set up an appointment for a tour. It may just be the perfect fit for your business. Also, visit us online here.

Updated: 3/10/21

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What Our Clients Say

Sally Frashuer

I have used the Work Webb to conduct small instructional classes. The space it great for small groups. The students rated it tops for being comfortable and having plenty of space. Heidi even provides a small lounge area which turned out to be a great break space. It made my job easier.

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