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Music and Food with Chef Papa Along the Riverfront

What’s Happening Near Work Webb There is always something happening in downtown Daytona Beach and this weekend it’s Music and Food with Chef Papa.  As mentioned last week, Daytona Beach offers more than Bike Week and NASCAR. Step outside the Kress building and you can find a lot of choices for dinner, shopping and live music. No need to
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  Wine, Walking & Work Webb!  What’s happening this weekend in the #WorkWebb world is the 2016 Wine & Food walk in downtown Daytona Beach.  We are going to walk outside our Kress building doors and join party while strolling along the gorgeous Halifax River enjoying wine, live music and great food.  The price is
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2016 Walk to End Alzheimer’s is What’s Happening this Weekend

Part of #WorkHappy is giving to charities and this Saturday, September 10th is is the event I give my time and money. It’s the 2016 Walk to End Alzheimer’s. It starts at 9:30 am at the Riverfront Park, S. Beach Street & E. Magnolia Ave, Daytona Beach, FL. This is personal event at #WorkWebb and
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Why Shared Office Solutions Is Catching On

I let people borrow stuff all the time.  Picture Frames?  Sure. I have many.  Dancer Dust?  Sure because really, no meal is complete without some Dancer Dust.  Office Space – Why yes!  We have expanded our space in the Kress building so we can accommodate the growing trend of “borrowing” office space or providing shared
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Weekend on Beach Street

Weekend on Beach Street! You know what they say about all work and no play. DOWNTOWN FARMER’S MARKET –Saturday 7 am- 1 pm  on City Island New & Seasonal:  “Goedeke Apples sells fresh apples from Wisconsin, while supplies last!”   ……And then don’t miss the Tugas taking               `
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Mini-Series: Creating a Career that Fits Your Lifestyle, Not the Other Way Around Part I

No one knows better than me how easy it is to get caught up in the craziness of everyday work life (you know those schedules/reports/client expectations) and forget exactly what we are working so hard for. Suddenly the destination is controlling the ride and we just don’t know what to do.  But, we know it’s
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The Monday Perk

Just a little thought to kick start the week.  #workhappy    

3 Ways Renting Full or Part Time at a Shared Office Space Can Save You Money and a Whole Lot of Stress

Increase Your Profit and Decrease Your Stress: Rent or Lease a Full or Part Time, Fully Furnished, Private, Semi-Private, or Shared Co-Working Office in Your Area Renting or leasing an office is expensive: There’s first and last month’s rent; you’ll have to buy office equipment and furniture; supplies, a printer, fax (do people use those anymore?), copy paper,
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Here are the 3 Things Every Office MUST Have

If You’re Lacking These Office Essentials – You’d Better Make Some Changes in Your Workplace, Stat There are 3 basic items every office or workspace needs (besides a working coffee machine, a water source, and functional bathrooms). If you, your company, office manager, or your boss don’t have these 3 essential office ingredients in your
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Professionals Take Note: Holding a Business Meeting in a Coffee Shop Will Screw Up Your Game Plan (and Your Profit)

Turns Out Coffee Shop Meetings Can Hurt Your Business. Here’s How… OK, this is a unique PSA, but here goes: Are coffee shops hurting your business?  If you sometimes hold meetings in a public place, like your area coffee shop or café rather than an office or meeting room environment – this blog post (or warning, I should say)
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Get to the Office on Time: 11 “Getting Ready” Hacks That Will Change Your Life

These Genius “Getting Ready For Work” Hacks Will Help You Make it to the Office (or Anywhere) On Time Having trouble getting to the office – or anywhere – on time? These “getting ready” hacks will help simplify your morning routine so that you can make it to the office on time, looking and feeling your
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Workplace Words of Wisdom: Inspirational Office Quotes

Quotes to Get You Through a Rough Day at the Office Having a rough day at the office? Looking for some inspiration or some peace in the workplace? Check out this collection of quotes, set against the backdrop of the historic and stately Kress building: the home of our offices  at Work Webb in Daytona
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Daytona Beach Office Solutions: Work Webb at the Historic Kress Daytona

An Office and Workspace Solution That Suits Your Unique Professional Needs Many small businesses find that a permanent office space may not be right for them, citing high overhead and other unseen operating costs down the road. Work Webb in Daytona Beach offers all the amenities you need at a professional office and the resources
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3 Mistakes You’re Making at the Office

You’ve Been Warned: Stay Clear of Committing Any of These 3 Mistakes at the Office If there are three big mistakes nearly all 9-5ers make, these have got to be the top office missteps most are guilty of. The sad part is, most people think they are actually making a good decision when they commit
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4 Simple Things That Have a Serious Impact on Your Work Productivity at the Office

Believe it or Not, These 4 Simple Things Actually Have an Impact on How Much You Get Done at the Office. In today’s busy workplace, it’s easy to forget a very simple, very important truth: That your brain, like the other organs in your body, is a muscle.While it may not do the physical pushing and
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The Many Ways Having a P.O. Box or No Address at All Can Hurt Your Business

The Importance of Having a REAL Physical Address on Your Business Website–Rather Than a P.O. Box or Nothing at All–Cannot Be Overstated If you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner or someone that works out of a home office (or  remotely) – listen up! Not having a physical address on your website could really be hurting
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Rent a Conference Room or Meeting Space and Grow Your Business

“Meeting” a Certain Standard: 3 Ways a Conference or Meeting Room Rental Can Grow Your Business Most start-ups, independent entrepreneurs, and budding small business owners can’t afford a private office just yet; and for many industries and professionals, sometimes a full time (even a part-time) office isn’t really needed. This poses a problem when the need
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Office Workouts

How Can You Get a Dose of Physical Activity at the Office Without Looking Crazy? Sitting kills. Unfortunately, for those of us that work at a desk most of the day, it’s nearly impossible to fight the ills of a sedentary lifestyle. Research shows even men and women that workout before or after posting up at the office are at
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Top 3 Habits to Combat the Health Woes of Office Life

Making These Simple Changes in Your Daily Office Routine Can Make a Difference We’ve all heard that the 9-5 office routine does a number on our health. Sitting has been called, “the new smoking” by NBC News – but unlike the act of smoking, many of us office-folk don’t really have a choice in the matter.
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Top 5 Benefits of Coworking at a Shared Office

How Getting Out of Your Typical Office Environment Can Do Wonders to Boost Your Business Coworking isn’t just about sharing an office with strangers; it’s so much more than that. In fact, coworking can be an integral tool in growing your business. If you currently work remotely or from home–even if you’re stuck in a
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Top 5 Best Restaurants in Ormond Beach

Step Out of the Office and Enjoy a Meal at One of Ormond Beach’s Best Lunch Spots… Getting out of the office once in a while is just as important as making it in everyday, and a lunch out once a week can do wonders for your sanity and work productivity. Since I’ve already told you
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3 Reasons You Need a Live Plant in Your Office

How Office Plants Can Keep You From Getting Sick and Lagged Down at the Workplace – Really! Anyone that’s passed 5th grade science knows that plants absorb carbon dioxide and expel oxygen, but do you know what other powerful properties plants have – and how they can actually significantly improve your office environment?

Top 10 Office Snack Ideas for Your Workday (No Fridge or Microwave Needed!)

Count on These 10 Office Snack Ideas and Beat Your Workday Hunger Without Getting Slowed Down Getting full slows you down and makes you sleepy, but hunger corrupts your thought process and your attitude (we’ve all been ‘hangry’ before, right?). So how can you create middle ground here? The answer: Snacking!

How to Work Well: 3 Tips For Being More Productive in the Office

Follow These 3 Guidelines to Increase Your Productivity at Your Office, or Anywhere! The average person spends as much time at work as they do sleeping, all the way up to the distant dream of retirement. In many cases your office can work against you, making you space out or providing all kinds of distractions
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Office Outings in Daytona Beach—Your Top 5 Destinations for a Client or Business Lunch

5 Best Places to Lunch in Daytona Beach – Brought to You by Work Webb Shared Office Solutions… Any professional will tell you that lunch is a huge part of the workday–whether you work from home, a dedicated office, or find your workspace falling somewhere in between. So make an office lunch worthwhile, and have a little
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